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Sample Reports of Pathology, Personal Injury, and Anomalies

For over 35 years Dr. Nicholson has provided comprehensive reports that assist the doctor in providing a high standard of care for their patients. Our reports include detailed description of any pathologic findings and recommendations for further imaging or referral to another healthcare provider when indicated.

We evaluate for anomalies and comment on how the anomalies may affect the doctor’s treatment plan and patient outcome. We provide extensive biomechanical assessment and correlate with the patient’s symptoms. This is of great importance in cases of personal injury, especially if the patient has retained an attorney.

When critical findings are discovered that may affect the patient’s well-being or alter the treatment plan, an immediate telephone call will be made to the doctor to discuss the findings and recommendations.


Our primary goal is to evaluate for any pathology. When found, an immediate telephone call is made to the physician.

Read our sample pathology reports.

View Sample Report I

View Sample Report II

Personal Injury

In cases of trauma and personal injury, once fractures are excluded, we provide an extensive biomechanical assessment and correlate with symptoms when possible.

Read our sample pathology reports.

View Sample Report III


Developmental anomalies are common and in most cases are an incidental finding. Some anomalies may alter the type of patient care and treatment plans.

View Sample Report IV

About Our DACBR

Dr. Doran L. Nicholson is a residency-trained, nationally recognized Chiropractic Radiologist. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Nicholson takes pride in providing detailed, personalized reports for each interpretation.

Dr. Nicholson also has a mission to fight for the right of chiropractors in the State of Missouri.

Popular Diagnostic Imaging Interpretations

At Midwest Radiology Consultants, we have found that typically both physicians and patients need the following scans interpreted: X-Ray, Chiropractic X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, Dynamic Motion X-Rays.

If you need the scans above analyzed or examined for a second opinion, please call or contact our professional radiologists today.