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Billing Policies of Midwest Radiology Consultants

At Midwest Radiology Consultants, we recognize that many radiology scans can be costly for both the clinics and the patients. That is why we try to make it as easy and cost-effective as possible to receive and evaluate scans, as well as perform second opinions quickly and efficiently.

With the above in mind, our radiology clinic does not bill health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or Workers Compensation. Our billing options include billing the referring clinic or billing the patient.

Clinic Billing

In an effort to establish proud and long-lasting relationships with clinics across the local greater Kansas City area, as well as nationwide, we offer specialized pricing for chiropractic clinics that provide scans to us regularly. With that in mind, the following billing practices are in place for regular customers:

  1. Clinics that send studies on an occasional basis will be billed per anatomic area.
  2. Clinics that send studies on a regular basis, or send all cases, will be billed by either a flat fee per patient or flat monthly fee.

Please note that cash, check, or credit card is required for payment.

If you have any questions on the fee structure or would like to learn more about the benefits we offer to regular customers, please feel free to contact us or reach out to us at 816-525-2822.

Patient Billing

Should the patient wish to be billed directly, patients have the following options in which to pay:

  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • Check
  • Cash

When paying by credit or debit card, the billing information must be submitted to us by mail or secure e-mail.  When paying by check or cash, we prefer that the doctor’s office forward the check or cash to Midwest Radiology Consultants at the time of service. If we need to send the patient a statement, there will be an added fee for processing.

Popular Diagnostic Imaging Interpretations

At Midwest Radiology Consultants, we have found that typically both physicians and patients need the following scans interpreted: X-Ray, Chiropractic X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, Dynamic Motion X-Rays.

If you need the scans above analyzed or examined for a second opinion, please call or contact our professional radiologists today.

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